Beauty and wellness treatments

At the Domaine des Ânes d'Autan, we offer you to be pampered by taking advantage of our beauty treatments and massages based on our range of products:

Relaxing Kabuki back care

45 minutes, 50 €.

Kabuki* is a traditional Japanese theatre. It invites you on a journey with this intense relaxationtreatment for body and mind. Relax to the rhythm of 4 key steps of the treatment:

  • A gentle cleansing in a soft orange bubble with our foaming cream
  • A exfoliation to regain theradiance of your skin with the soap of your choice,
  • A modelling with our cleansing milk which will relax your muscles and free your mind,
  • An application of our velvety cream to finishmoisturizing your skin and protect it.

Your muscles will be relaxed, your skin soothed and radiant.

Kabuki is also the name of a little donkey born in September 2020 at the Domaine des Ânes d'Autan.

Hand care and beauty Topaze - 35 minutes, 40 € :

Topaz* is a precious stone, like your hands.
It has been known since antiquity to protect and soothe. The Chinese believe that it transmits energy and good health.
Treat your hands to a beauty treatment using the products from the Ânes d'Autan range. We have specially selected them for their softness and the combination of rose and orange blossom scents.
We propose 3 steps for this treatment:

  • A shaping of the nails
  • A work of the cuticles
  • A relaxing modelling of the hands and forearms.

Your nails, hands and forearms will find theirnatural beauty .

Topaze is also the name of a gentle and generous donkey from the Domaine des Ânes d'Autan.



Modelling and care to measure

Let's take the time to discuss together to define your needs and your desiresand we will offer you a personalized personalized care. According to your convenience, choose between relaxation or toning & draining toning & draining treatment. Face, back, chest, hands & forearms, legsor feet, tell us what you want!

Personalized facial - 40 minutes, 45 €.

We offer you a skin diagnosis which will be the basis for a personalized facial adapted to your skin type and type and condition of your skin. The whole is made with our products Les Ânes d'Autan. We have a few surprises in store for you...


Foot care and beauty - 35 minutes, €40

Treat yourself to a foot care and beauty treatment, made entirely with products from the Les Ânes d'Autan range. We have specially selected them for their softness and the combination of rose and orange blossom scents. We propose a shaping of the nails, a work of the cuticles and finally a relaxing modelling of the feet and calves.
Your nails and arch of the foot will regain their natural beauty.

Eyebrow waxing - 15 minutes, €12

Eyebrows give intensity to your look. Make yourself comfortable for a gentle waxing. We take care of the rest.


Manicure hands or feet - 25 minutes, €30

Take care of your nails in just a few minutes with a manicure without nail polish. We work on and strengthen the cuticles with our Les Ânes d'Autan cosmetics to give the nails back their space and strength.