Cotton pouch & wipes

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The handmade washable wipes made of bamboo sponge and upcycled fabric are ecological and economical.

Upcycled fabric pouch.

Two colors to choose from.


These wipes are ideal to remove your make-up or simply to clean your face or your children's face. You can use them with water, make-up remover or liniment oléo-calcaire.

Respectful of sensitive skins, the bamboo sponge is renowned for its softness that it will keep over the washings.

- Dimensions : 8 cm x 8 cm
- Upcycled cotton fabric (overcycled)
- Organic bamboo sponge fabric certified Oeko-Tex class 1, ecru color 360g m² (from Italy, 90 % bamboo viscose, 10 % polyester)
- Machine wash at 40°C, tumble dryer allowed

This pouch is ideal for storing or transporting your washable wipes and can hold up to ten wipes.

- Dimensions: 12 cm x 13 cm
- Upcycled cotton fabric
- Machine washable at 40°C, tumble dry


The upcycled fabric comes from clothes, sheets or scraps of 100% cotton fabric. It has been carefully washed with a home-made detergent with Marseille soap.


For mascara, it is advisable to rinse the wipes before machine washing to prevent them from remaining stained.

If your wipes are stained by make-up, soak them in hot water (40°C maximum) with a tablespoon of percarbonate of soda before putting them in the washing machine with your clothes.

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